How To Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot For Lead Generation To Generate Quality Leads In Autopilot

What is a Chatbot For Lead Generation?

A chatbot for lead generation is a bot powered by artificial intelligence (A.I) that is designed to collect the leads, identify the quality leads, and segment the leads through different lead generation strategies and sales funnels such as special promotions, upsells, deals, and offers. These chatbots are specifically created and crafted for lead generation basically use direct and indirect conversational ways to promote, collecting leads, and exchanging potential customer information to offer the products or services in a more precise and accurate way.

Lead generation is one of the important parts of digital marketing strategy in the online marketing world no matter what kind of industry you are in. It's so necessary that not only just get and collect the leads as many as possible. The ultimate purpose of lead generation is to generating, filtering, and narrowing down the leads to quality leads so that can get higher sales conversion rates as well sales quantity directly and indirectly.

And of course, for those leads that had been filtered out as "non-quality" leads, they are not considering as trash or useable leads, they are still can be your potential customers and yet not become your customer at the moment. This is just because they need time to understand your brand, products, and services better until they really need your products and your services.

Therefore, you need to build long-term lead generation and sales funnel strategies to communicate, educate and nurture those potential customers as well as the existing customers.

The most common lead generation method are using in digital marketing is creating a landing page or lead form to collect leads and exchange information such as name, email address, phone number, and so on if the audience is interested in something that you offering and willing exchange their personal information to redeem or get the offer which is called a lead magnet.

Once you had delivered the offer, you will start to nurture, educate and engage the leads which also can be called your potential customer via marketing channels such as email, SMS, and social media to convert them to become your real customers throughout this lead generation and sales funnel process as your ultimate goal.

In this article, we will use a Facebook chatbot to implement your own lead generation strategy through the conversational marketing approach method which is very similar to how to use the email direct marketing method that commonly uses in lead generation strategy.

Overall, a lead generation Facebook chatbot can be defined as using Facebook Messenger as a marketing channel to collect leads, identify and filter the quality leads so that you can implementing more accurate or targeted promotional campaigns to generate and increase sales by building a chatbot integrated with Facebook Messenger.

Before going through the next section, if you want to understand more about the Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can check out the articles here. Without further ado, let's dive into the next section.

Why Chatbots Are So Crucial In Your Today Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Strategy?

To explore more into how chatbots can help your business in the fast-paced digital world, you need to understand why chatbots are so important in your implementation and execution of lead generation and digital marketing strategy.

Let's take a look at some of the recent data that shows how chatbots can actually help you in today's highly competitive market. According to Forrester, there are more than 5.5 billion messaging apps users in the world today. That's an astounding number, and this is definitely a huge driver for chatbot technology.

A recent industry report reveals that about 1 million businesses use AI chatbots every now and then. It is used to generate quality leads, aside from providing solutions for bridging customer retention gaps. It is also helpful in generating quality leads within the parameters of analyzing activity.

To add more facts, Chatbot technology helps in boosting your business and also helps you to customize your chatbots, a bit like rolling out new sales services or portals. Chatbots can help you in streamlining the back-office routine operations.

This helps you in generating leads more efficiently and providing better customer service support to customers through the chatbot. Company representatives can use chatbots to provide better services, without having to deal with unnecessary issues and tasks that can make the work productivity inefficiently, exhausted, and bored.

Now, let's jump into more in-depth details facts of why chatbots are so important in your businesses' lead generation strategy.

Customized The User and Customer Experience

Most of the commonly used lead generation techniques in most of the websites for digital marketers are the typical design landing pages or sales pages with the call-to-action (CTA) buttons which usually waiting for the visitors to click the button, and then they will opt into either a popup form style with filling the personal details such as first name, last name, email address, phone number and other handful details with pressing the submit button after the form had been filled completely by the visitors only consider as the lead conversion process had been completed as the phase of lead generation.

Although this kind of lead generation strategy still works as well as sales conversation, however the user and customer experience-wise, it's kinda boring and less attractive. Moreover, it's become an ineffective method when visitors coming in across all different websites that most of them are using the same lead capture technique that makes them less impressed with it.

In fact, those brands that don't lend a human touch to their virtual presence or provide an unforgettable experience are most likely to distract users from their sites. Therefore, to prevent from becoming another bored and poor customer experience website perception, one of the lead conversion techniques that you must apply for these days is conversational and interactive technique instead of just using the static and boring form filling type.

So how this conversational and interactive is lead capturing technique works? Let me give you a picture, imagine visitors who land on your website and a chatbot is opt-in on your website and welcoming to visitors. The fact that someone is waiting for an answer is surprisingly convincing.

Even they do not notice that they are into the conversion and sales funnel indirectly without any intention and continuing to land on your website's pages, blog posts, and so on. The chatbot is answering the responses requested by the visitors and continues the landing section even longer.

Now, let's move on to the second benefit of why chatbots are important in your lead conversion strategy.

Improving And Boosting The Visitor As Well As Customer Engagement

Keep your website's visitors stay longer and engaging in your website and convert the visitors into your leads is one of the hardest parts of the digital marketing strategy. As the website owners not only need to think about how much web traffic can generating in daily, weekly and monthly.

However, you need to figure out how to improve and enhance visitors and customer engagement so that you will never give them the opportunity to exit your websites and your social media pages.

In fact, this will be affecting your website search engine optimization (SEO) metrics as well as web ranking in more positive impact and in noticeable results. So how chatbots can improving and gaining visitors and customers? The chatbot can increase your visitors and customer engagement in your website.

The chatbot is not only an artificially intelligent agent which converses with the users, it also has a lot of practical use which can be helpful for the company. For instance, you can use it to increase your website's customer engagement by allowing them to ask questions or solve problems without waiting on hold, reaching an operator, or sending inquiries via email wait until to respond which will negatively impact the customer experience.

When a visitor comes to the website, there is an option to engage with them through a chatbot. The chatbot welcomes them and asks for their questions or response on the website. The chatbot will handle the visitor's questions, and continue to ask more.

It can also give visitors information on how they can connect with one of the company's representatives for further assistance. This way not only the visitors will be landing on your website even longer, and it's also will gain brand awareness that can be impacting the sales conversion obviously.

In social media platforms especially for Facebook business pages that can be integrating the chatbot into your Facebook accounts where chatbots are also helping to improve and increase your social media engagement, branding and ratings as well.

For example, when your Facebook Pages had been connected to Chatbots via AutoMessenger chatbot builder, the chatbots will respond to the visitors or followers who are asking the questions via Messenger based on the keywords recognition and conversation flows that had been set inside the software.

Furthermore, it's not only the way to increase and improve your customer engagement rate in Facebook Pages, Facebook Pages posting is another most common and effective way to engage with your followers and subscribers. Thus, AutoMessenger also had the auto-comment and auto-reply feature called AutoComment Growth Tool. Check out the feature here.

Gaining and Improving The Sales Conversion Rate

As mentioned before in the previous point, the most common lead conversion strategy that had been using in both websites and social media platforms is the lead form submission technique, where this technique is collect important information from visitors by filling and submit the form and will go through the sales funnels or drip campaign to nurture, educate and promote the products or services via email marketing, messaging marketing, and social media marketing.

However, in the reality, the conversion rate for most websites is just about 2.35% on average, which makes generating leads and converting them into sales is kind of challenging with high competitiveness these days. But these facts don't mean that you need to give up or not use the form submission lead conversion technique anymore.

You just need to leverage your lead generation strategy with different techniques to optimize and improve your conversion rate. Therefore to optimize the sales conversion rate, chatbots become the transformation of traditional lead generation technique that makes the lead generation and sales conversion become more efficient and effective way.

How chatbots can increase and improve the sales conversion rate? The chatbots can help to increase and improve the sales conversion rate by influencing the behaviors of potential customers. The chatbots can communicate with potential customers in a more user-friendly and efficient way based on what the customer responds to, and chatbots can react and reply spontaneously without dragging a long waiting time which most people want fast response for help in any kind of circumstances.

One of the reasons, why you should use chatbots for your lead generation strategy is due to the chatbots have the ability to influence the behaviors of potential customers by giving them more personalized messages and suggestions when they ask the chatbots. Of course, chatbots can't be interpreted by themself and understand the questions.

Therefore, you need to teach your chatbot how to react and respond to the questions by configuring the chatbots with Chatbot builder to trigger what should it respond back to the customer. For example, if you configure your chatbot by trigger the keywords such as "hi" or "hello" from the customers' message, then you can configure what message should respond back to the customer such as a simple text form "Howdy! How can I help you?" or in the more interactive format like a gif or emojis with text-from as your reply.

Spontaneous And React In Real-Time

Over the years, chatbots have become a here-today and gone-tomorrow. More and more large companies or enterprises had using chatbots wisely which can be proven that they are more efficient and possess greater productivity because they are interactive and lend themselves to sophisticated thinking. But such speculations are unfounded and thus, while chatbots can outwit us with their logic, they still cannot replace the workforce for good.

For example, chatbots are designed to replace or combine with traditional lead capturing forms which are generally great for asking basic or most frequent questions to filter the leads as well as saving user data in real-time. However, not all of the tasks that chatbots are able to handle especially for complex tasks which require more complex execution with the combination of a great deal of thinking or decision-making on the part of the user.

Furthermore, the real-time reaction from chatbots enables you to integrate real human intelligence into your chatbot which is the most perfect solution to optimize your lead conversion strategy and become the most effective lead generation strategy that you can implement in your digital marketing. The only way to produce this kind of results is if you can implement the best chatbot framework which will provide you with all the necessary tools and technology that will make your chatbot live up to its full potential.

As Facebook is also becoming very popular as a platform to run chatbots and for that reason, AutoMessenger Facebook chatbot builder is your perfect chatbot automation tool that can take your lead generation strategy to the next level.

AutoMessenger is most effective when used as a point of contact in the customer experience, which ultimately helps sales and support teams connect with prospects and customers more quickly and efficiently. How does AutoMessenger Chatbot work in your lead generation strategy as well as sales funnel? Well, we will go through this in this article as well.

Now let's move to the last benefits of chatbot in lead conversion strategy.

Chatbots Can Serve In 24/7 Without Resting

Nowadays, people are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of artificial intelligence and chatbots. And this is not surprising as AI has made a great impact in various industries and it is even being used to automate tedious tasks that would otherwise require a lot of human interaction.

Therefore, there is the reason why you should use chabots in any kind of business in the online marketing channel, in order to automate and scale your business in online especially handling those tasks that can't managed and automated by humans 24/7 such as customer service, technical support, taking order, instant quotation request and so on.

Thus lead generation that handled by chatbot, you can setup your chatbot on the conversation flow based on what kind of objectives that want to be achieved, what kind of information that want to collect from the potential customers, and how to convert them to your real customer through the power of automation and then run the chatbot together with the sales campaigns in 24/7.

So how you can setup your own chatbots and lead capture flows easily and run it 24/7 seamlessly without any coding or technical knowledge? AutoMessenger is the perfect chatbot builder and automated lead generation tool for all people, especially for beginners. Here's why, just like playing the lego blocks, you can just plug in play around the elements to create the conversation flows in a more flexible way by using AutoMessenger's Visual Flow Builder feature.

You can use this visual flow builder to build your chatbot conversation flow starting with a personalized greeting to call-to-action to get their information to complete the part of lead generation and segment them into different drip campaigns or sales funnel campaigns in order to convert them become your real customer as the main objective. Do check out how AutoMessenger visual flow builder works here!

How to Build Your Own Lead Generation Chatbot without Any Coding Needed

Now let's get started on how to build your very own lead generation chatbot with no coding skills and knowledge, totally beginner-friendly tutorial! So what do you need to prepare? We going to use AutoMessenger Chatbot builder to get started as our only tool that is needed, so let's get started!

Step 1: Create a Free Account In AutoMessenger

First and for most, go to AutoMessenger and click Sign Up on the top-right of the page if you are using the desktop browser or click on the sandwich button at the top right of the page and click-through "Sign Up" if you are using mobile browser and it will redirect you to a new page where you can log in your accounts if you had registered otherwise just sign up an account for free here!

There are 2 ways to create your new account, the first option you can click "Create Account" hyperlink at the bottom of the login form where it will redirect you to sign up page and ready to sign up by filling the form with the following details: Name, Email, Password, Confirm Password and Captcha. Once the details had filled in, tick " I agree with the terms and conditions" and submit the details by clicking the "Sign Up" button.

For security purposes, once you had submitted, a notification bar will show up about sending an activation code to your email address that has been registered for verification. Log in to your email and you will receive the activation code send from "AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder".

If you don't receive the activation mail, most probably the mail had been fall into the Spam mailbox, so be sure to check your spam mail as well. Neither doesn't appear in both parts, you can send messenger support here or via email: [email protected] provided details with your Name and Email address that used for registration. Sounds so complicated the registration process? Well, we provide another much easier option for you!

For the second option on register a Free AutoMessenger account, just click on the "Login with Facebook" button on the login page below the login form, it will redirect you to your Facebook account page if you are using desktop browser or your Facebook app if you are using your mobile browser.

A popup box will come out with account permission to allow AutoMessenger app allow to connect with your Facebook account, please make sure that you are connecting the right Facebook account before you continue the next step, if is not the right account to connect, you can click "Log in to another account" hyperlink to sign in with another Facebook account that you would like to connect with. Otherwise, click Continue As "Your Account Name" to proceed the next step.

The next notification will ask about which Facebook Business Pages would like to connect to AutoMessenger app and tick those pages and click the next button. And finally, make sure that all the permission is switch on to ensure that your messenger chatbot setup and configuration can work properly, and click on "Done" together with "Ok" button.

Congratulations, you are done! Your account had been registered successfully! Now, we can jump to the rocket and ready to launch for your first ever chabot for lead generation in AutoMessenger! Let's go to the second stage!

Step 2: Enable And Activate Your First Messenger Bot

Once you are inside the dashboard, you can view the main menu selection feature tabs are available on your left screen of the dashboard including Subscriber Manager, Messenger Bot, Broadcasting, and Flow Builder where all are free to use.

To Make Your Facebook Page Messenger Chatbot work, you need to import your Facebook Pages from your Facebook account. Click "Import Accounts" from the dashboard of your AutoMessenger account, and click "Login With Facebook" to import your Facebook Pages from your Facebook account. Once clicked "Login with Facebook", you will be redirected to your Facebook account to approve the linked account permission by confirming your account login.

Please take note that you can import from multiple Facebook pages from different Facebook accounts, just simply login to another Facebook account and follow the same steps as above. For more details on how to import your Facebook pages to AutoMessenger, you can go through this tutorial via login your membership site here!

Once your Facebook pages had been imported from your Facebook account, you can see the page lists inside the Import accounts tab. To enable your chatbot for your Facebook Pages, select and click "Enable Bot Connection" with the "Blue Socket Icon" besides the page listed. And done! The chatbot of your Facebook page has been activated! Now it's time to create your very first Messenger Chatbot with AutoMessenger!

Step 3: Start To Create And Configure Basic Setup For Your ChatBot

Let's start exploring the Messenger Bot section by clicking the "Messenger Bot" tab in the main menu. Inside the Messenger Bot section, there are a number of selection features are available to play around with.

However, for this guide, we are going to build a simple chatbot to let you understand how the Facebook Messenger chatbot works. If you want to discover more about the rest of AutoMesenger's Messenger Bot features, check out this tutorial here.

Let's click on "Bot Settings" tab, inside the Bot Settings you can see there are 3 columns on this section, the first column shows your Facebook page (s) had been enabled and connected into the bot connection list. The second column shows the Messenger Bot settings that you can configure to your selected Facebook Page.

From this column, there are the following configuration that available which is "Bot Reply Settings", "Get Started Settings", "General Settings", "Action Button Settings", and "Persistent Menu Settings". Let's briefly walk through the functionality one by one:

  1. Bot Reply Settings: Setup a reply bot based on the keywords that had been inserted. For example, create a bot named "Hello Bot" and providing the keywords such as "Hi", "Hello" & "Howdy" with comma-separated (exclude " " during inserting the keywords) and lastly providing the reply message such as "Hi, #LEAD_USER_FIRST_NAME# how can I help you?" For #LEAD_USER_FIRST_NAME# is the personalized message to address the recipient's name.
  2. Get Started Settings: For Get Started Settings, you can either enabled or disabled the "Get Started" Button before initiating the conversation. You can insert the welcome message to show some sense of sincerity to your audience before start the conversation in the messenger. And for an Ice breaker, you can either enabled or disabled to configure the quick questions that the audience frequently asked, so that it will redirect straight to the responses that they are requested.
  3. General Settings: The general settings are not necessary just the optional options including enabled or disabled for "Mark as seen" status and providing human email if the audience would like to contact directly with human interaction.
  4. Action Button Settings: You can create an instant or built-in templates quick reply such as phone quick reply template, email quick reply template, unsubscribe quick reply template, birthday quick reply template, location quick reply template and chat with human quick reply template.
  5. Persistent Menu Settings: You are able to the configure persistent menu directly to the message box. It also acts as a quick way to redirect your audience to the important conversation block or call to action. You can add the postback of the conversation block. For a better understanding of postback conversation block. Log in to your membership area to go through the postback configuration tutorial here. Additionally, you can add external destinations as a persistent menu such as your website by inserting the web URL.

After you had done configured all of these Messenger Bot of Bot Settings, your first messenger chatbot is ready to go! However, you can set up your chatbot is more advanced and more functionality to impress your audience.

Step 4: Create A Webview Form As Your Lead Form

This step is quite straightforward because as you could build a registration form or a lead form similarly to google form or Facebook page lead form where you can build the lead form simply by dragging the components that you want to get for specific information such as first name, last name, email address, phone number and address.

In AutoMessenger, the lead form can be done by clicking the "Messenger Bot" on the left main menu in the dashboard and inside the Messenger bot page, there is a "Webview Builder" tab, just hover and click through it. Once inside the webview builder page, click on "Create new form" button to start create a lead form.

Following the required details and components of the webview builder that need to fill and drag into the form editor:

  1. Form Name: Name the lead form.
  2. Form Title: Name your form title that will be showing at the top of the form.
  3. Select Page: Select a Facebook Page that you want to assign the form.
  4. Header: Name the headlines as part of the form content.
  5. Text Field: You can insert the text field as first name(text type), last name(text type), email(email type) ,and phone number(tel type).
  6. Text Area: If you require the leads to answer the open-ended question where the long-form text is needed.
  7. Select Group: A option group where can select the option in a drop-down format.
  8. Radio Group: A option group where can select the option in a radio check format.
  9. Checkbox Group: A option group where can select the option in a checkbox format.
  10. Date Field: A field where can select the specific date in the calendar form.
  11. Time Field: A field where can select the specific date in the timer form.
  12. Button: A final step of the submission process to submit the details that had been filled inside the form.

Step 5: Design Your Lead Generation Chatbot With Visual Drag-n-Drop Flow Interface Easily!

This step is the most important and the most exciting part of the whole tutorial. Why? Because you can start to build your rocket with fully loaded facilities and ready to build it fast and easily. There are no limits to build AutoMessenger Visual Interface Drag-n-Drop Flow Builder that you can fully control your chatbot conversation flows from start to end without any limits which are all about how creative you are to create your chatbot like a champ! So without further ado, let's kickstart to build your very own lead generation chatbot now!

In the menu tab, click on the Visual Flow Builder tab. In the Visual Flow Builder section, you can see there is a "Create New Flow" button, click it to create your chatbot flow. Then it will come out with a popup to select the Facebook page that would like to configure the chatbot flow builder.

In the Flow Builder section, there's an editor-wide screen with two main components that appear on your screen. On your left of the screen, there a sidebar called dock menu and another component that appears in the editor called "Reference of the bot" where is indicated your bot-building will starts from here. On the dock menu, there are a total of 20 elements are available in the dock menu depending on what plans you sign up for.

For the Free plan, there are few features that are not available in the bot messenger settings and in the visual flow builder which are User Input Flow, Condition, New Sequence, Single Sequence, and E-commerce. However, there are more than enough features to build your own lead generation chatbot and strategy flow. Need more features? Check out our upgrade plans and overview of AutoMessenger Visual Flow Builder to get more information and for a better understanding of all features inside the visual flow builder.

Let's continue on how to build the lead generation chatbot builder with AutoMessenger Visual Builder. Following the simple and comprehensive instructions below without covering all the elements in the dock menu, only pick those elements that important for building your lead generation as our objective in this article:

  1. Select and drag a "Trigger" element in the editor and connect the trigger to the trigger socket of the "Start Bot Flow" element by dragging the arrow from the trigger dot connector.

    In the trigger element, you can insert the keywords as the text data to trigger the bot and start the chat flow,  you can insert multiple keywords in the trigger element, all you have to do is hover on the trigger element that just dragged into the editor and then double click the element, another sidebar will be appear after you double click it at your right of the screen where is the side that you can insert your keywords to trigger your bot.

    In addition, you can also need to name your chatbot flow by hovering and double-clicking at the "Start The Bot" element where the left sidebar appears to configure your bot name as the reference. You can name it whatever you want, just make sure that the name easily to recognize and know the objective of the bot.
  2. Select and drag a couple of important elements such as "Generic Template" or "Text" with "Button" or "Quick Reply" or both "Button"+ "Quick Reply" combination action elements as the first conversation block to initiate your bot. So what's the difference between "Generic Template" and "Text" elements? In short, the generic template is the element where you can insert a single image plus the text message become a single block of conversation chatbot flow.

    Whereby "Text" can only insert the text-based message with a single image upload which is available for generic template elements. In both elements of "Generic Template" and "Text", there are 4 connectors that need to link other element blocks.

    Let's briefly cover these 4 connectors are, reply connector (must be connected with the previous block element which is "Start Bot Flow" to either "Generic Template" or "Text" reply socket), next connector (is a connector where you can connect next elements blocks except button and quick reply element which they both have separated connectors with each other), button connector (a connector that only connects to the button element as an action), and quick reply (a connector that only connects to the quick reply element as an action).

    For more details on the difference between "button" and "quick reply", you can check out this article.
  3. Repeat the same instruction from 1 and 2 to complete your desired lead generation chatbot flow. Take note that your lead generation Chabot must be ended with action elements which the button element that can bring the visitor to the webview builder form to get details from the visitors. When the webview form is submitted, you have completed the process of lead generation chatbot.

You got your leads, it's time to grab your money! Oh yeah! That's so easy to build a lead conversion chatbot with AutoMessenger isn't it?

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