Frequent Asked Questions

FAQ: Basics, Features & Plans

What is AutoMessenger?

AutoMessenger is an all-in-one featured Messenger Chatbot builder and chatbot automation platform that allows you to easily create your own chatbots without any coding skills. It is a platform where you can build your own Facebook Messenger chatbot by drag and drop with user-friendly interface, collecting subscribers or leads, building your own sales funnels and your own messenger ecommerce store that can engaging your audiences as well as generating sales easily all in one platform with combination multiple channels integrating together such as Email marketing , Whatsapp marketing and SMS marketing to become an Omni-channel marketing platform and tools.

What are the features available in AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder?

AutoMessenger chatbot builder is an full-fledged chatbot tools and providing solutions from messenger bot builder, bot-audience engagement, bot automation, bot integration tools and solutions that can helps all range of businesses from small-to-large business tap into the power of A.I automation to boost audience engagement, brand awareness, lead and sales generation with almost no cost, low cost and minimal efforts.

Here are the summary of features available in all pricing plans of AutoMessenger chatbot builder platform:
– Classic & Visual Drag-n-drop Messenger Bot Builder
– Unlimited Chatbot Creation & Chat Flows Designs
– Unlimited Blocks & Flows Templates
– Webview Form Creation (For Lead Generation)
– Reference Chat Flow Links & QR Code Generator, and Web Embedded Code Generator
– Sequence Messaging Campaigns
– Unlimited Export & Import Messenger Bot Templates
– 3rd Party App Integration (Zapier, Integromat, Integrately, Google Sheets etc)
– Messenger, Email & SMS Bulk Sending Campaigns
– Facebook & Instagram Auto Like & Comment Posts/ Full Page
– Subscriber Management System (Subscriber Sync via Inbox and View Latest Inbox Conversation
– Ecommerce Store Builder & Tools (Only Available For Pro & Ultimate Plans)

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How to get started with AutoMessenger to create your own Messenger Chatbot?

All you need to do is register a FREE account and you can create your first Messenger chatbot with full utilization experience of chatbot automation providing with video tutorials and article guidelines based to get started!

What are the features included in FREE plan account?

With AutoMessenger FREE plan, you are able to import 5 Facebook Business Pages with all Messenger bot features available such as unlimited bot creation, unlimited visual flow creation, unlimited subscriber collected by bots, and other Facebook/Instagram automation features with some limitations available as well.

For more feature details, feature limitations and plans comparison, you can checkout her

What is the difference between FREE and PRO Plan?

You can enjoy all messenger bot features in FREE plan that are available in both PRO and ULTIMATE Plan except Ecommerce store builder which is only available for both PRO and ULTIMATE plans. However, in terms of usage amount limitations of some available features such as the amount usage of webview lead form generator, reference links & QR code generator, customer chat embedded web code generator, sequence & broadcasting campaigns, custom fields, Facebook & Instagram Auto-reply and Auto-comment campaigns.

For increase the usage limits of the features mentioned above, you can upgrade to PRO and ULTIMATE plans based on your requirement and needs here.

For more feature details, feature limitations and plans comparison, you can checkout here.

FAQs: Billing

How AutoMessenger PRO and ULTIMATE plans are charged?

Both PRO and ULTIMATE plans are charged on monthly recurring basis via selecting our available payment methods such as via PayPal, Stripe, Mollie and Razorpay (will be more payment gateway in the future).

How can I upgrade from FREE plan to PRO or ULTIMATE plan?

You can upgrade any plans from FREE to PRO/ULTIMATE, from PRO to ULTIMATE via Login > Payment inside the member side dashboard after login successfully from Login Page and select the package/plan that you would like to upgrade and following the payment process after selected the preferred package/plan to sign up. Once payment had done proceed, it will redirect back to member site’s dashboard. You can checkout the package status via profile tab on the top right of your member site login dashboard (Login > Profile).

Can I downgrade the plan or cancel the member subscription?

Yes, you can downgrade the plan whether is from PRO to FREE or from ULTIMATE to Pro or from ULTIMATE to FREE and cancellation subscriptions anytime via member site login dashboard or contact us via messenger chat popup or email.

Do my data will be loss after upgrade/downgrade/cancellation the package subscription?

For upgrading and downgrading account, your data will remain most of the data in the member site including subscribers details, messenger bots, chat flows templates, sequence and broadcast campaigns etc.

For account cancellation, all the data will be loss after the cancellation had been confirmed and account in inactive status. However, you can export the important data from member site before you cancel the account.

FAQs: Tutorial, Documentation, Technical Errors & Bugs

How To Report A Bug/Technical Error If I Face The Technical Issue?

If you are facing technical error and issues when you are using our AutoMessenger app, you can send a ticket by clicking “Support Desk” button which is located at the left menu sidebar in member site login page, Login > Support Desk and then click on “New Ticket” button on the top right of the Support Desk page and writing the issue you have facing providing with screenshot or screencast recording for better understand the issue. Once the writing was done, click submit button and our support team will receive your support ticket and a notification will be sending via email as well.

Kindly bear in mind and be patience that our technical support process your issue within 1-2 working days. Kindly login your email and AutoMessenger Member Login page to check out the support ticket respond to make a reply so that we can solve your issue as soon as possible.

How can I get teaching aids/tutorials supports to learn How-to-use AutoMessenger Tools and Features?

To get started or How-to use the tools and features that available in AutoMessenger, you can go through all series of tutorials by clicking “Help Center” at the header menu & footer sitelink in the AutoMessenger landing page and inside member login site located at left sidebar menu.