Automate Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbot Marketing Automation

Generation leads and grow your sales and business with unleash the power of Facebook Messenger Marketing automated and powered by AutoMessenger Chatbot builder

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Your All-in-one Facebook chatbot marketing automation tool

Make your FB Messenger become your full-fledged and ultimate chatbot marketing automation solutions to automate digital marketing activities with AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder
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Qualified Leads
Sales Funnels
Sales Campaign
Customer Services
Customer Service

Automate your Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing in 4 Steps

Step 1: Build

Visual Drag n' Drop
Multiple Bots
Mix and match

Step 2: Engage

Keywords trigger
Action trigger
Respond Instantly

Step 3: Qualify

Lead submission
Lead segmentation
Mix and match

Step 4: Convert

Ecommerce store
Payment integration

Build Your Own Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation Machine All In One Place

Make your Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation more engaging with your audience, prospects and customers

Build and setup your chatbots respond instantly by triggering keywords and actions that can configure in AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder.

To make your chatbot in more accurate to respond and engage with your audience, you can triggering as may keywords and actions as you can with no configuration limits.

Furthermore, to create more chatbots, you can export and import chatbot to make your work much easier.

Build your chatbots in drag n drop easily with no limits in connection

AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder featured Visual Flow Builder has more than 18 elements blocks or formats to build your chatbots in drag n' drop interface.

Visual Flow Builder can connecting between elements and inter-connect with multiple chatbots with no limits.

What's more?! You can build your own chatbot without starting from from scratch! We got various free and premium pre-made chatbot flow templates for you.

Make your lead generation strategy and lead qualification process easier

Capturing leads ease and effective with AutoMessenger's webview lead forms or custom user input flows.

Collecting and saving the leads with ease in built-in Subscriber Manager with no limits.

What's more?! You can segmenting qualified leads and non-qualified leads based on different conditions to deliver and reach the audience in the right sequences.

Grow your sales and optimize sales conversion with high engagement or click-through rate

Run Facebook Ads campaigns, AutoMessenger's auto-generated JSON code able to copy and paste to Facebook Ads setup from Postback Manager.

AutoMessenger featured built-in Ecommerce solution with chatbot automation where you can build your Ecommerce store with payment gateway integrations.

Other ecommerce features such as Abandon cart, order reminder, whatsapp order confirmation. and invoicing available to optimize the sales conversion.

Connect and Integrate Third Party Apps Easily!

Easily Connect and Integrate Third Party Apps with AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder's JSON API Connector Such as Zapier, Integrately, Google Sheet, MailChimp & more.

Build Your Chatbot With No Worries!

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