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AutoMessenger Instagram DM Automation Features

Visual Flow Builder
Keywords Triggering
Ice breaker conversation
Lead/User Capture Information
Comment Auto Trigger
AutoMessenger Instagram DM Automation's Visual Flow Builder has featuring with more than 12 elements blocks or formats to build your Instagram DM bot.

Visual Flow Builder enable connecting the elements and inter-connect with multiple chatbots with no limits by drag n' drop interface. You can either start from scratch or pre-made templates to build your own Instagram DM bot.
AutoMessenger Instagram DM Automation able to trigger specific keywords from users' messages that had been configured from Instagram DM bot.

What's more?! This feature available for Instagram Stories which displaying or requesting users to type in the specific keyword which triggering the DM bot to automate and control the conversation flow.
Ice breaker conversation has similarly function as "Frequent Asked Questions" where is available in Facebook Messenger "Automated Response" and now it's available in AutoMessenger Instagram DM Automation.

This feature is very useful when the audience reach to your Instagram DM and looking for something that can give them an easy gateway.
This feature is very important for lead generation strategy where you can capture and collect the leads or user details such as name, Email, phone number etc.

Once the Instagram DM bot started to trigger and deliver the conversation flow as well as acquiring the users and leads information via our feature called custom user input flow. The users and leads information will be collect and save directly into our Subscriber Manager
This Comment Auto-trigger feature is one of the most frequent used feature especially when you published the Instagram posts for lead and sales generation purpose as well as general audience engagement and extending customer relationship.

When the users commented on the specific posts , our DM bot get triggered from the comment's specific keywords. It will redirect the users to direct message inbox and starts the automation conversation flow directly

Build Your Own Instagram DM Automation Bot All In One Place

Make your DM bots more interactive with your audience, prospects and customers

Build your Instagram DM bot that can respond the users instantly in no time by triggering keywords and actions which can be configured easily in AutoMessenger Instagram DM Automation.

There are no limits for keywords and actions trigger in configuring your Instagram DM bot. And it also able to import, export and embedded Instagram DM bot externally.

Make your lead generation strategy and lead qualification process efficiently

Save your time by automating lead generation and lead qualification via AutoMessenger IG DM automation bot.

You can acquire and collect the users' information automatically, naturally and seamlessly via using our AutoMessenger feature called Users Input Flow. It also can segmenting qualified leads and non-qualified leads based on different conditions to different sequences

Grow and optimize your sales conversation in automatically and seamlessly

Automate the sales campaign flow via Instagram DM by using AutoMessenger Auto-generation JSON code that can copy & paste into Instagram Ads campaign.

This can lead and guide the prospects into the right products based on their enquiries. AutoMessenger Instagram DM Automation also comes with built-in Ecommerce store and Payment gateway integration.

Be the 24/7 Customer relationship and assistance with no time delay

Make your Instagram DM become your 24/7 virtual assistant by automated the frequent ask questions flow in AutoMessenger for cut-short the time for prospects and customer to get their answer.

Make your work much more easier with setup pre-built answer, capture the information and assign to human agent with bot can't manage the questions

Connect and Integrate Third Party Apps Easily!

Easily Connect and Integrate Third Party Apps with AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder's JSON API Connector Such as Zapier, Integrately, Google Sheet, MailChimp & more.

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